The Production Process

Alexandria Clothing Company is a vertical jersey wear manufacturer producing in excess of 45,000 garments every day. We take our customers products from development all the way through to delivery, our approved in house laboratory ensures that the highest levels of quality are achieved and the entire process is controlled by our fully integrated production management system.

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The first stage of the process is product development. From receiving an initial design pack our dedicated development team will work closely with the customer to ensure a timely delivery of samples, prices and approvals.

New fabrics and techniques are continually being developed in house and shared with our customers to ensure that our offering always remains ahead of the curve.

Products and Capabilities

From the simplest design to the more complex and embellished garments we are equipped for both ends of the spectrum. We manufacture for a wide range of customers and product categories, below are some examples of our capabilities;

Product Category:Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, Infant’s
Product Type:T-shirts, Vests, Sweats, Hoodies, Pyjamas, Onesies, Polo Shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Shorts
Embellishments:Print, Embroidery, AOP, Y/D, Heat applied or Sewn Trims


The development team are responsible for putting in place all quality standards that will be followed during the manufacturing process.

Garment specifications, colour standards, embellishments, trims and accessories will all be coordinated with the production, laboratory and sourcing teams to achieve the customers requirements, once approved all of the details are uploaded to our system and followed though in production.


We source a wide range of yarns from all around the world according to the needs of our customers, If there are any speciality yarns or fabrics that cannot be manufactured in house we have a network of partners who we work with to ensure that all requirements are met.

Products and Capabilities

The yarns can be knitted in a combination of ways to achieve the desired weight, hand feel and aesthetic. Below are some examples of our capabilities;

Material:Cotton, Viscose, Modal, Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Metallics, Slub, Neps, Metallic (all with and without Elastane)
Construction:Single Jersey, Ribs, Interlock, Ponte de Roma, Fleece, Pique, Feeder and Engineer Stripes
Weights:Single Jersey from 90gsm to 3 thread fleece at 400gsm
Gauges:From 15 to 28

Machinery & Capacities

There are a total of 49 circular knitting machines in the department.

Machinery BrandsVignoni, Mayer, Pi Long & Monarch
Daily Capacity12 tons


Every roll of fabric is subjected to manual in-line and end-line inspection via our internal ‘4 point check system’.


The dyeing department has benefited from significant investment and is the companies most technically advanced department. With state of the art dye machines, automated chemical dispensing and an Arel centralised computer controlled operating system we are at the forefront of technology, speed and efficiency.

Products and Capabilities

Any fabric that we knit or source can be dyed at our facility, from cottons to synthetics to blends such as, cotton/elastane, polyester/cotton, and polyester/viscose.

Machinery & Capacities

There are a total of 11 dye machines in the department that are all connected to the Arel central control and chemical dispensing system.

Machinery Brands:THEN, Thies, Fong, MCS, Arel
Machine Capacities:Sampling from 15kgs to 100kgs and production from 250kgs to 1500kgs.
Daily Department Capacity:15 tonnes


Using the latest machinery, automated technology and best raw materials undoubtedly helps in ensuring consistent quality however we do not take anything for granted and every dyed batch is checked instrumentally in our internal lab using the Datacolor Spectrophotometer to ensure colour matching.


The finishing department like dyeing has benefited from investment, resulting in; increased capacity, technical abilities and quality. There is a high level of control and automation with each machine being linked to the automatic chemical dispenser and having inbuilt controls to achieve precise physical parameters.

Products and Capabilities

The fabric can be finished in a combination of ways to achieve the desired performance, hand feel and aesthetic, below are some of the examples of our capabilities;

Finishing Techniques:Heat setting, Encapsulation, moisture management, Bleaching, Mercerizing.
Chemical finishes:Chemical finishes: Softeners, Silicon, Enzyme.

Machinery & Capacities

There are a total of 7 machines in the department that are connected to the Arel central control system and chemical dispensing system.

Machinery:Water Extraction, Drying, Compaction, Stenter
Machinery Brands:Babcock, Monfort, Ferraro, Santex, Bianco, Corino
Daily Department Capacity:15 tonnes


Once complete every roll of fabric is manually inspected using our ‘4 point check system’, followed by addition checks on the width, weight, hand feel and stretch ability.

Instrumental tests are then carried out on random rolls from each dye lot in our internal lab to check the quality parameters for; pilling, dimensional stability, colour fastness, weight, spirality and stretch and recovery.


Once the fabric is received from the finishing department it is laid on the cutting tables and the markers are placed on top ready for the cutting process to begin.

Products, Machinery & Capacities:

The fabric is catergorised in 2 ways; solid colour fabrics which will be cut using the automated Gerber cutter and striped fabrics which will be pinned and cut by hand.

Machinery Brands:Gerber
Number of Tables:3 tables with automatic spreaders for solid colour fabrics and 2 pinning tables for striped fabrics
Daily Department Capacity:50,000 pieces of solid colour and 5000 striped garments


Before production cutting begins, fabric is taken to produce a pilot run of 100 garments, these are fully representable of bulk production and include all embellishment and trims. Upon completion 30 pieces are chosen at random and are visually checked against the original approved sample and then tested instrumentally to ensure all quality parameters are met, including; shrinkage, spirality and weight.

Any issues are highlighted and corrected for production and when everything is approved production will continue.


The sewing department is located in 2 locations, Borg El Arab and Alexandria and consists of 9 departments allowing for multiple orders to be produced at the same time. Each factory has its own; pressing, labeling, packing and storage facility.

Capabilities, Machinery & Capacities:

There are over 800 sewing machines in the sewing department, In addition to various pressing, packing and metal detection equipment.

Types of Machinery:Overlock, Lock stitch, Double Needle, Automatic Hemming, Heat seal, Metal Detection
Machinery Brands:Yamato, Pegasus, Siruba, Hashima, Oshima, Juki, Jac, Kansai, Kingtex Safeline
Daily Department Capacity:45,000 pieces


A quality control team is setup on every sewing line and 100% garment inspection takes place at the end of each line. The first garments off the line will be inspected against the approved sample and where required tested for; flammability and print durability.

Once sewn and passed quality control the garments are pressed, tagged and passed through a metal detector to the packing department.

Every garment that leaves the factory will have received the highest level of skill, care and attention to ensure the highest level of quality.


After weeks of development and months of production the goods are pressed, labelled, packed and ready to head to our customers stores all over the world.

Brush & Peach

In addition to chemical finishes we also have the capability to modify the hand feel and appearance by brushing or peaching the fabric.

Capabilities, Machinery & Capacities:

Because of the advancement in technology many of the required effects can be achieved in the dyeing and finishing process however a demand for the physical process has remained, especially on fleece fabrics.

Techniques:Brushing: Fleeces and ribbed fabrics | Peaching: All fabrics
Machinery Brands:Comet, Lafer
Daily Department Capacity:3 tonnes Brushing and 3 tonnes Peaching


Every roll of fabric will be visually checked for appearance and hand feel to ensure continuity to the original approved development sample.


The print department is one of the largest and most versatile in Egypt and with a team of innovative and technical staff, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver all printing requirements.

Products and Capabilities

Whether the requirement is for a simple single colour print or a combination of techniques and effects the print department can cater to all requirements, below are some examples of our capabilities;

Ink Types:Water based, Plastisol, Discharge
Techniques:Sublimation, High build, Flock , Foil, Puff, Glitter
Effects:Washed out, Cracked, Distressed
Colour Options:Can print up to 10 colours onto dark fabrics and 14 colours onto light and pastel fabrics

Machinery & Capacities

There are a total of 14 machines in the department in a variety of sizes offering a wide variety of capabilities and capacities.

Machinery BrandsMHM, Monti Antonio
Daily Department Capacity:30,000 pieces of wet print and 10,000 pieces of sublimation print


All printing includes the use of, PVC and phthalate free inks and Formaldehyde free discharges. All garments are visually inspected and chemically tested both in house and through 3rd party accredited labs.


The embroidery department has continually expanded since the introduction of a single headed machine over 15 years ago, very popular with our childrenswear styles and often combined with printing to offer an attractive embellishment option.

Products and Capabilities

The Embroidery department offers a variety of embellishment techniques not simply limited to embroidery, below are some of the examples of our capabilities;

Embroidery Techniques:Sequins, Appliques, Studs, Textured, Puff
Thread Type:Cotton, Metallic, Rayon, Polyester
Thread Colour:Each machine has a 9 colour capacity and can offer; Standard, Metallic, Rainbow, Neon, Glow-in-the-dark
Heat Transfer Techniques:Heat seal transfers, Studs, Diamantes, Prints, Sequins, Flock

Machinery & Capacities

There are a total of 19 machines within the department that offer a variety of capabilities and capacities

Machinery Brands:Eurostar, Hashima, Meyag, Reliant
Daily Department Capacity:8 million Stitches, 1680 appliques and 5000 heat transfers


Every garment is visually inspected and then put through a metal detector before it can move to the next stage.

Garment Wash

The final stage that we offer is garment washing, here finished garments can go through a variety of finishes to further enhance the final appearance.

Products and Capabilities

The garment washing stage can offer a variety of finishes to the garment, below are some of the examples of our capabilities;

Wash Technique:Enzyme Wash, Stone Wash, Silicon Wash, Bleach Wash
Wash Purposes:Soft hand feel, Appearance, Pre-shrunk

Machinery & Capacities

There are a total of 6 machines in the department, consisting of; garment washing, hydro extraction and tumble drying.

Machinery Brands:Unimac, Spectrum
Daily Department Capacity:13,000 garments


Every garment will be visually checked to ensure continuity to the original approved development sample.

Yarn Dye

The yarn is sent to one of our approved partners to be dyed to the required colour, knitted and then returned to the factory to continue the process.

Products and Capabilities

There are a variety of yarn dye options available, the type of material and construction can dictate our capabilities but typically we offer the following;

Types of stripe:Feeder | max 4cm repeat | unlimited colours
Types of stripe:Engineer | unlimited repeat | max 4 colours


All yarn colours are approved during the development process and upon receiving the dyed yarn back, we carry out test instrumentally to confirm colour matching and colour fastness.

All Over Print

The greige fabric is dyed and finished in house to the specification required for the printing process, once complete it is sent to one of our approved partners to be printed.

Products and Capabilities

Fabric printing can be done on any of the fabric bases that we produce, it has been particularly popular with pyjama styles but can be used for any style.

Printing Type:Rotary
Printing Method:Disperse, Discharge, Pigment, Reactive
Colour Options:Upto 8 colours


Once received back the fabric is manually inspected against the customer approved sample. Instrumental tests are then carried out on random rolls in our internal lab to check the quality parameters; pilling, dimensional stability, colour fastness, weight, spirality and stretch and recovery.