The Process in Pictures


Over 2000 people walk through our doors every day,
over 45,000 garments leave.


See how we do it...

We source the best yarns from all over the world to meet the changing needs of our clients. In 2013 over 70% of our production used Organic Cotton.

The first step in the process is to knit the yarn into fabric.

Every roll that is knitted is visually inspected by our Q.C team.

Our lab is the heart of the operation. All manufacturing processes are subject to internal testing this ensures that we deliver consistent quality.

The greige fabric is loaded into a dye machine, then a predetermined balance of chemicals and dyes is automatically delivered to the machine to guarantee the customers chosen colour.

A few hours later, we have colour. Time to get it out and move it to the next stage.

The fabric goes through the squeezing machine to be untangled and remove all excess water.

The fabric is dried and put though the stenter to control width, weight and shrinkage, then a chemical finish is applied to give the desired hand feel.

Once again the fabric is inspected and then rolled making it easier to handle.

Before cutting we lay the fabric out to relax, which ensures no distortion to the pattern at a later stage.

Using a computer programmed laser cutting machine, the fabric is cut with speed and precision.

With the most advanced screen printing technology we can transform any garment.

If embellishment is required the embroidery department offer a wide range of techniques.

Depending on the style of the garment a sewing line is assembled using a variety of skilled machinists.

Care and attention is taken with every garment.

Every sewing line has an in-line and end-line inspection team checking each garment.

Each garment is hand pressed before being labelled and hangtagged.

Safety is at the top of our agenda and nothing can enter packing without first going through a metal detector.

Pressed, labelled and packed the goods are ready to head to store.

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